Model 5/024 The guitar was commisioned by me to be built by luthier Wiliam Young in France. Most of the wood and components were purchased from StewMac in the United States. The tailpiece was purchased on eBay and later modified by William Young. The tuners are vintage and were purchased on German eBay and shipped Germany to France where the luthier installed them.



The guitar arrived from William Young, the luthier in France who made the guitar for me, with several issues: There were several areas where the clear coat had not been polished well and had areas where it was even dropping-out. The "shoe" of the fretboard was bulging making it impossible to play without significant buzzing. At this time, Norik Renson in Los Angeles has improved the playability considerably but it still needs more fret work. Pat Wilkins is scheduled to give it a new clear-coat and hide all the blemishes it arrived with.

Serial: 42670

Condition: 90

Paid: $2,700

Acquired: 2010